So You’ve Written Your First Draft…

So you’ve written your first draft, Congratulations! Yet, are you done? That would be a big, fat, NOPE!
If you are wondering, did I finish my first draft, I have and earlier than expected! Recently I’ve been in a real lag, and when I started writing (again) I just kept going! As I wrote the perfect ending started to form. So naturally, It could’ve only happened on purpose. I didn’t reach as many words as I originally planned yet if I had forced more to the story it wouldn’t have seemed natural.
Now it’s time to edit! For those of you who (are like me) and wrote your first draft by hand, it’s time to type it out. When editing you can: add or remove details, fix to spell and check your grammar. The purpose of editing is to make your book perfect and ready for everyone to read. Two free websites to check your Grammar are and . Also if you have a friend or family member (or if you are lucky a professional editor) have them read it. Do not turn down assessment and opinions! It is there to help you better yourself as a writer. Unless it is derogatory or hateful at that point you just ignore those haters!
Good luck dear writers! Don’t give up we are almost done with our book!

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