Publishing Drama (an update)

So I realize I haven’t done a blog post in a while and I apologize to you, my dear readers. I have been trying to publish my book. The first publisher I sent it to (won’t give a name for privacy reasons.) Responded six weeks after the initial submission. Their response was enthusiastic, saying that they would want to publish my book if I made some edits. I made those edits and a few months later sent my book back in. It has been seven weeks. Their website appears to have lapsed on its contract domain name and is no longer available. It was a small youth publishing company, I heard about through my writing guild.

 I then began to search out other Publication companies. I also continued to update my book, trying to improve it to fit more standards in the Publishing industry. I have found Plan B publisher and have sent a request. They are a much larger youth publishing company. They publish in many different areas around the world and offer mentors and editors, free to the approved authors. 

One recurring thing I notice is the length of your novel. It should be around 50,000 words. Mine doesn’t quite fit that requirement. So I have been slowly adding descriptions and scenes, hoping to lengthen my novel a lot longer. I still haven’t gotten to the 50 thousand words, but I will keep trying until I publish my book. 

I will keep trying, putting more blood, sweat, and tears into my book. Waiting for responses and someone to finally pick up my baby book and see potential worth pursuing. I will say I have an amazing boyfriend who took the time to read my book and help me out, offering encouragement and support. (If you ever read this, Thank you so much!!) 

That is all, for now, my dear readers, I hope to keep you informed about this writing project and future projects as well! And continue to encourage you, writers, to pursue your goal and not to give up on your dreams. Keep writing, don’t stop, you can do it!

Also fun tidbit for only my blog readers! If you have been following the process with me, you will know that I scrapped the first draft of my book. Well, I found the original first chapter in that version and reworked it into my book. It currently stands at Chapter 22! 

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  1. vurtilopmer

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