Photo Fridays—Photography 101

Last week, I talked about the most common photography terms. And today, I’ll be showing you the very basics of actually taking good pictures.

Photography essentially comes down to three things: light, composition, and focus. I will eventually cover all these in depth, but this week I’ll be covering how to get started taking some photos!

1. Find Your Subject

Before you can take a picture of anything, you have to choose what you want to photograph. Let your imagination run wild! Any little thing can become an amazing subject with a little creativity.

2. Set Your Camera

You also need to select camera settings. For beginners, the best option will be an “auto mode” or something similar. This will automatically control your ISO, f-stop, and shutter speeds. All you have to do is point the camera and shoot! If you’re having issues finding these settings, consult your camera’s manual. (Just make sure your battery is charged and the camera is on, first.)

3. Take Your Photo(s)

Now all you have to do is take the pictures! Make sure your subject is in focus. This is usually done by pressing a button; again, check your manual for details. Once in focus, just press the shutter button and snap away! The possibilities truly are endless.

Just have fun! You’ll learn so much faster if you enjoy what you do. Experiment. Try new things. And when all else fails, there’s You-Tube.  Seriously, though — any concept I mention here will be on the video streaming site in some form or another. Plus, you can search for your specific camera model.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions, and see you next week!

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