• Rescource

    Hey Ya’ll I just discovered notebook.ai and it is amazing for organizing your books and characters. It will also encourage you to add more detail and personality to your characters. Thats all for today, just a quick update!

  • Month 4

    Hello! Not much has changed until now in writing my book. I’m still playing catch up and still testing my limits with this book. I am at the point in my book that I’m learning what goes and what doesn’t, more like what works for me. I’ve switched up the writing and to be honest dear readers, I have not… Continue reading "Month 4"

  • Day 41

    Happy New Years! It’s day 41 of my book writing project -If you couldn’t tell by the title.- December is full of holidays and colds! So I’m quite behind my projected word count, sorry : ( I have gotten two chapters done so far. As part of my writing, I try to take note of all the idiosyncrasies of my… Continue reading "Day 41"

  • Day One

    (I know it’s been awhile since I posted that challenge, sorry, I have been a tad bit busy..)   Hello! Today is the day, and my fingers are sore! I have written out my plot and I have started writing. I have changed my goals, a little. I plan to write 300 words per day, 3 chapters per month, and… Continue reading "Day One"

  • How To Write A Strong Plot

    Here is a plot outline example for your book! Keep it simple! Plot with your end goal in mind, keeping everything entwined, relevant, as you add in details fueling your main character’s journey. If you are telling stories about multiple main characters, each of whom will occupy a good chunk of the book, then you will want to develop a… Continue reading "How To Write A Strong Plot"

  • Daily writing practice

    Describe An Object Or Scene Find one object, only one will do! Or a scene, like your messy room or the view from your window. Write it so someone else (who may or may not ever read it) will grasp your point and can see it themselves. 2.Write A Character Description Make up a character, do they have curly blonde… Continue reading "Daily writing practice"

  • Time Management Tips for the Aspiring Writer

    Okay, okay. I admit it. My time management skills are a little, um — lacking. It’s not that I don’t try. Really! There’s just always that inevitable distraction that pops up and/or procrastination technique I end up employing. You have every intention of checking everything off your to-do list and getting yourself organized. Then, well, life simply gets in the… Continue reading "Time Management Tips for the Aspiring Writer"