My 5 biggest Writing Distractions and how to deal with them

Hey readers! Today as you might have guessed by the title of this blog post I am going to tell you my 5 biggest writing distractions. I will also tell you how I deal with them. Let’s start!

  1. New Book Ideas

I struggle with this one a lot! When I am writing one book, I get seven more book ideas! I want to work on those ones right away and finish the one I was working on later. The thing is when you do that you get more unfinished stories rather than more finished stories. My tip to deal with this is to keep a  separate journal for all those Ideas. I write them down so that I won’t forget them and to see if I actually want to write them. If I still want to write them by the time I am done with the book I was working on, I will.

  1. Procrastination

   Like almost everyone, I struggle with procrastination, especially when I am writing. If you remember I posted a blog post about dealing with procrastination; . I will sum it up here. Get all your research done beforehand and set deadlines. When you are writing set deadlines and break your project up into smaller pieces. Wait to pick fonts or style until after you’re done writing.

  1. Distractions

   Everyone deals with distractions one way or another and dealing with them can be hard. Listening to music can help block out background distractions. Don’t intentionally sit down to write in a place where you know you will get distractions! I am not saying that you should write in an empty white room with no windows. Write in a place with as little or minimal distractions possible. Sit with your back facing away from the TV and face away from anywhere that might cause a disturbance. You could use a website like;, to block out electronic distractions.

  1. Not being prepared

   Have everything in order when you start writing. Get your research done, eat, and use the bathroom before writing. Get a full water bottle and your favorite pencil or pen. Have your outline and/or plot within reach and ready to use. Make sure your space is clean and that any possible need is taken care of before you sit down. In my case that my chores are done and my pet guinea pig is feed. Make sure that you are ready! That is really the only way to be sure that you are prepared.

  1. Someone Else has already written it

   Everything has been written about at least once, it’s a universally accepted idea. But have you written it? I think Not! Yeah, everything has been written about, but have you put your spin on it?  How will the world ever know that you are a good writer (Because you are!) if you don’t write? At least write for yourself, those annoying ideas in your head won’t go away if you never write any of them! So write, what is stopping you, Really? So what if it’s already been done, because you can do it better!

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