Month 8

Hello Dear Readers! We are over half-way through the Write a Book In One Year Challenge! As I am drawing closer to the end of editing my book I am feeling more and more confident. I have been editing frequently these past few weeks. Since I am going from paper to digital I am adding even more detail than the first draft included! Here are some things to see if your book is worth editing;

  • Does it grab the reader by the throat and not let go?
  • Have too many characters been introduced?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of the point of view?
  • Did you make the setting and tone interesting?
  • Do you have a sense of where the story is headed?
  • Is the story subtle and expressive?
  • Are you using over complicated or needless words? (The reader won’t be stupid.)
  • Resist the urge to explain, instead use the Show and Tell Method.
    These are several things to watch out for and improve while editing your book. You could even use them while you are writing your book!

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