Month 4

Hello! Not much has changed until now in writing my book. I’m still playing catch up and still testing my limits with this book. I am at the point in my book that I’m learning what goes and what doesn’t, more like what works for me.

I’ve switched up the writing and to be honest dear readers, I have not stuck with my word. I am not going to use the opening line that I gave you instead (since my book happens to deal with Robin Hood.) I’m going to start and end the book with a poem about Robin Hood. A little more cliche but its not that bad of an idea.

I’ve also been doubling my research on that time period. As a writer, I strive to as accurate to the facts as possible and applaud other writers who do keep to the facts even in a fictional story

I now have a projected date for when I should finish my first draft of my book: August 20, 2018. I am no longer going to edit chapter by chapter, I’m going to edit once I am done with the first draft.

My advice when writing anything; DO NOT EDIT WHILE WRITING YOUR FIRST DRAFT! If you forgot something or get a new piece of storyline you want to add in; write a note. It is worth it, trust me!

Okay, I’ll stop badgering you, Goodbye my dear readers!

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