It Is Finished

Can you believe it’s almost been one whole year since we started the Write A Book In One Year Challenge! The official end date is on November 20, 2018. However, I am drawing this to a close, as I continue to edit and look for a publisher. I have learned so much from writing out my first novella. I have grown as a writer and I hope you have too. My book is still going through a ton of editing. Even experienced writers have to edit there work several times. So often what you read in a finished book took SEVERAL edits and drafts. Chances are the first draft barely made it into that book.

I learned that everything will take longer than you expect. Like actually writing the book, I had to write various rough drafts before settling on just one storyline. And don’t get me started on how long it takes to edit a book! I also found that most of writing is just rewriting. Drafts are not an easy thing to write, yet don’t let this daunt you. Don’t be fooled when you finish all the drafts and all the editing, you are only halfway there. You still have to publish your book! I will write some posts on publishing once I’ve published my book.

I hope that this series helped you and encouraged you to write your own book. All it takes is a lot of dedication and determination. Maybe even frequent hand massages as well!

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