How To Give Your Character’s A Goal

Sorry that this post took a long time in coming it has been a hectic time for us at Shutters & Pen Strokes!


Okay, let’s establish that your character has to have a goal, It’s the number one way to keep your story moving forward. You’ve created this character, they probably feel like your baby. You know that they want something. Don’t give them what they want! Don’t coddle your character, make them fight for what they want even if it’s a glass of milk.


Here are four questions to ask when you are giving your character a goal:


  1. How is my character unhappy with their life?
  2. What does my character believe will make them happy and what can they do about it?
  3. What is keeping my character from pursuing their happiness?
  4. What initiates my character’s journey to find happiness?


Remember you can do this for secondary characters or for your antagonist as well. Just because the book isn’t about them doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own plot line! Everyone has a story and a motivation, and they don’t know that they are not the main character!


I hope this post helped you to give your characters a goal. Until the next post, Keep Writing! 

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