How to Format A Book on Google Docs for Amazon

While writing my first book it was incredibly hard for me to find any formatting tips for google docs. This led to me having to edit multiple times and caused a lot of frustration. So in writing this, I hope to prevent that for you!

Start with a blank Google document. A clean slate. Go to file > Page setup > select paper size B5 (6.93” x 9.84”)

Set the font to times new roman, double spaced, size 12. Type in your title and change the style to Title. Underneath that, you can put your subtitles in subtitle style. Underneath that, in normal text, you can put your “Written by (your name)” This constitutes the title page.

Hit ctrl + enter to create a new page, It is important that whenever you want it to be a new page you create a page break. If you have a natural page break still put a page break there. Otherwise, you risk chapter two being on the last page of chapter one.

On the next page, you can type out “table of contents” Have every chapter title from here on out, put in heading 1 style. This allows for an easy table of contents setup. Go to Insert > Table of Contents. Don’t make the same mistake I did and refresh the table of contents manually before downloading your document!

Alright now let’s insert page numbers! Go to insert > page numbers (Or alternatively, you can go to insert > headers and footers) The Table of contents counts the total number of pages so if you set the page numbers to start after the title page you will have to manually edit the table of contents by a page.

Now once you have added all the juicy details to your book and you are ready to submit it to Amazon you will need to go to File > Download > Microsoft Word (.docx). I tried to download it as a pdf however it didn’t work for me. This may not be the case with you.

Tip for when you are creating your book cover design : Remember to format a book cover for a 6in x 9in make your cover design 12.885in x 9.25in.

I hope this blog post helps you! And if I forgot anything be sure to let me know in the comments!

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