Day One

(I know it’s been awhile since I posted that challenge, sorry, I have been a tad bit busy..)


Hello! Today is the day, and my fingers are sore! I have written out my plot and I have started writing. I have changed my goals, a little. I plan to write 300 words per day, 3 chapters per month, and one book in a year. I will not be writing on the weekends and on holidays. I will mildly edit every chapter at a time, so when I finish one chapter I will edit it that day. My goal is to finish the first draft a month before my one-year deadline. I will use that month to really edit it and then begin my 2nd draft.

  Remember that this is just as much a test of your writing skills as it is a test for your commitment and discipline.

  Now my story is set in the 14th century and takes place near Sherwood Forest, England. My main character is a girl of 17 years of age, named Mabel Picard. She is the daughter of a wealthy duke and a little town midwife, who separated before she was born. When her father wins custody of her, she meets a Merry Man named Mitch, and she must choose who she can trust and who she wants to spend her life with. This all comes to a peak during the Peasant Revolt.


Here is the opening line for my book:

I never knew that my hero could leave me in the hands of a stranger and never turn back to say, “Goodbye.”


Be sure to tell me what you think in the comments bellow! That’s all for now, see you in one month with another check up post.

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