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  • Tell us

    Okay, Readers, it’s your time to shine. We want your opinion! Has there ever been a time, when you wanted to read something, but it didn’t exist? Well, post down in the comments that book. It doesn’t even have to be a book, it can be a blog post or an article! Get creative and post it in the comments!… Continue reading "Tell us"

  • Month 9

    Hey, Dear Readers, it’s month 9! I am currently letting peer’s edit my book, I am also taking the time to go back and read my book. If I find something that needs editing, I edit. I have added to the story as well because I noticed that something was lacking in certain spots. It is now a Novella in… Continue reading "Month 9"

  • Time To Edit: Phase 2

    I have finished both my second draft and first edit of my 1-year-book! Yay! I did it by transferring the written story to typed and then edited chapter by chapter. For my final edit, I will have friends and family review my book! This is called peer review. One of the best ways to do this is to do what… Continue reading "Time To Edit: Phase 2"

  • Month 8

    Hello Dear Readers! We are over half-way through the Write a Book In One Year Challenge! As I am drawing closer to the end of editing my book I am feeling more and more confident. I have been editing frequently these past few weeks. Since I am going from paper to digital I am adding even more detail than the… Continue reading "Month 8"

  • Rescource

    Hey Ya’ll I just discovered and it is amazing for organizing your books and characters. It will also encourage you to add more detail and personality to your characters. Thats all for today, just a quick update!

  • Month 4

    Hello! Not much has changed until now in writing my book. I’m still playing catch up and still testing my limits with this book. I am at the point in my book that I’m learning what goes and what doesn’t, more like what works for me. I’ve switched up the writing and to be honest dear readers, I have not… Continue reading "Month 4"

  • Day 41

    Happy New Years! It’s day 41 of my book writing project -If you couldn’t tell by the title.- December is full of holidays and colds! So I’m quite behind my projected word count, sorry : ( I have gotten two chapters done so far. As part of my writing, I try to take note of all the idiosyncrasies of my… Continue reading "Day 41"