Procrastination, And How To Deal With It.

Why is procrastination such a struggle for writers? I often find myself not working on my writing when what I really need to be working on is just that. Why is it a common thread among writers that when we need to get down to business we procrastinate the hardest? In my previous blog posts, I’ve stated that all writers are different in previous blog posts. Yet I find that every writer I know struggles with this, even myself and if I can speak of K.C. she struggles with that too. So what do you do?

Break Your Project Into Small Chunks

Divide your writing project into small easy to accomplish chunks! There is no need to  do everything at once, it only stresses you out. I personally try to write 30 minutes every day. You probably won’t always be able to do this, but I implore you to try and do this everyday.


Get rid of any possible distractions (Except your family, I beg you don’t get rid of your family!). Turn your phone or whatever electronic device you have off, put it away. And keep it away until you are done, Unless you are writing on your computer or something. Whatever might distract you can probably be moved or turned off. Now if you can find a room in your house that has very few diversions.


Set Deadlines or Mini Goals for your writing. Although this method doesn’t work for me all that well, but it might help you! Set dates like finnish chapter two by next week, or finnish book by New Years. These are just examples but I think you get the idea.

Do Your Research First 

Research everything you can and write it down before you start writing your project. If you can get this over with before you write the less you will have to do it during the writing process. Also make a Mind Map, plan out what you want each chapter to be about.This helps me, it may or may not help you.


For the first few drafts DO NOT EXPECT PERFECTION! Sometimes I procrastinate because I don’t like where I am at with my writing. It’s okay to take a break, but you shouldn’t prolong getting back to your writing. It won’t help you any to drag out what should have been a quick break.

Wait to Pick Fonts and Styles

You don’t need to get fancy in your first drafts. There is no point to it and it only proves as a distraction. That’s all I have to say on this tip, so just don’t do it.

 Reward Yourself!

Sometimes we only get motivated when there is a prize. I don’t normally encourage this but you know whatever works!

I hope this post helps you find ways to avoid the writer’s case of procrastination.

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  1. K C

    Uh, yeah — procrastination is a pretty big problem for me as well! 😉 I find that the hardest times to get (and stay) motivated are when the task that you should be doing is tedious and generally not fun. I would much rather be working on a blog post or story than algebra, for example. But those boring tasks are usually the most non-negotiable ones. The best way seems to be just turn on some good music, get as focused as possible and simply get the work done. (Or maybe that’s just me… 🙂 Everyone’s different!)

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